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How to Choose the Right Collar for Your Puppy

Whether you are a new dog parent or have been one for years, finding the perfect dog collar for a young pup is a very challenging task. A right dog collar is essential to ensure that your puppy’s neck and shoulders are comfortable wearing it. Choosing a dog collar can get very complicated because there […]


A well-chosen harness for a dog is primarily about the comfort and convenience your pet experiences while wearing it. Choosing the right cut and size will allow your dog to enjoy walking and having fun outdoors. As dog owners, we get to choose harnesses almost as often as collars. The choice of models, materials and […]

Top 3 Of Best Dog Harness For Running

The dog is, without a doubt, the man’s best friend, however, from time to time it can give us headaches. When we go out with them, they get upset when they see another animal and can pull on the leash, which leads to a danger to both them and us. If you want to have […]