Whether you are a new dog parent or have been one for years, finding the perfect dog collar for a young pup is a very challenging task. A right dog collar is essential to ensure that your puppy’s neck and shoulders are comfortable wearing it. Choosing a dog collar can get very complicated because there are a variety of options in different materials and sizes available in the market. It gets very tricky to pick the one that suits best with your young canine friend. To guide you in choosing the perfect collar for your puppy, we have listed down a few tips to help you select the right one.


  1. Start with a Flat Collar

These are the most common type of dog collars available as they suit almost all dogs. You can start with the flat collar for a small puppy to get it used to wearing one. This collar helps the puppy to easily adjust to it as it has changeable lengths, and is fitted with a snap buckle.


But remember to never leave collar on your puppy if it is alone in the house, as it can result in strangulation.


  1. Breakaway Collar for an Active Puppy

This collar is specially designed for extra playful puppies or the ones that like roaming outside. The breakaway collar is made with a snap buckle or clip that can be easily undone once they encounter any hindrances like branches or fence, or in case of any choking hazard.


You can get a breakaway collar for your puppy after they have become used to wearing a flat collar.


  1. Specialty Collars

These collars are specifically designed for training the dog. The harnesses are designed for puppies that can’t be controlled by the regular type of collars. After the age of 6 months, you can use a specialty collar to train your puppy. If your puppy is very energetic you can use Leather Training Lead to prevent them from pulling the leash which can result in choking. This collar, with its soft leather and adjustable lengths, is ideal for training.


  1. Material of the Collar

There are many materials for collars in the market like leather, chain, and nylon. Always choose a material that you think will be comfortable for your puppy. All these materials have their pros and cons but puppies generally feel more relaxed in nylon or leather collars.


  1. Size of Puppy’s Neck

Use a measuring tape to measure the circumference of your puppy’s neck. Make sure your puppy is standing upright when you are measuring it as you don’t want the collar to be loose on the dog. The right way to check the fit is by placing two fingers between the collar and your puppy’s neck.


Collar width is also an essential factor while choosing the dog collar. The width determines the surface area and the pressure that the dog will feel while wearing it. A large width implies the pressure would be evenly distributed, but it can also get uncomfortable for the puppy sometimes.


  1. Fur Type

Make sure to keep your dog’s fur in mind when choosing a collar. A thick or light fur will require a different collar type. Moreover, the collar size and type is also dependent on factors like haircut. If you have given your puppy a haircut, choose a collar keeping in mind that the coat will grow eventually.


These are some of the tips for choosing the right collar for your puppy. If you want to explore more options for dog collars, head over to Little Fields Farm!

A well-chosen harness for a dog is primarily about the comfort and convenience your pet experiences while wearing it. Choosing the right cut and size will allow your dog to enjoy walking and having fun outdoors.

As dog owners, we get to choose harnesses almost as often as collars. The choice of models, materials and colors available on the market is extremely impressive. When deciding on a particular type of harness, let your primary guide be the comfort of your pooch. A proper and comfortable harness should provide your dog with complete freedom of movement. You must choose a harness specifically for your pooch, it should feel as though it has been designed exclusively for him.



Dog owners often face a dilemma around what will be more suitable for their pup –a collar or a comfortable harness? Both solutions have their pros and cons. Therefore, when making your decision, be guided by your conviction, and if you have any lingering questions, ask your vet for advice.

For some dog breeds, it is recommended (please remember that this is just a recommendation, not an absolute obligation) to choose a harness over a collar. Yorkies are such a breed because the delicate structure of their necks often causes them to feel exceptional discomfort while wearing a collar.

Dog harness are especially recommended for dogs with sporty spirits. Harnesses are perfect for common physical activities, such as running or cycling. A collar is not a good choice in such situations. There are many different types of dog harnesses available on the market, created to provide dogs who love sports and spending time actively with the optimum level of comfort.



When dealing with an exceptionally lively and active dog, for whom walking on a leash is an unpleasant duty, harnesses are a good solution. For dogs that tend to pull frequently on their leashes, wearing a collar can be both uncomfortable and dangerous. Dog harnesses allow you as the owner to exercise a little bit more control over your dog’s restless behaviour. They prevent your dog from dragging you in different directions or running away on his own.


Before choosing the right harness for your pet, it’s worth getting acquainted with specifications of different models. There are several different types of harnesses available on the market. As such, you can easily find a harness that suits the activity level of your pooch.


That kind of harnesses are geared towards dogs that are exceptionally physically active, and for which sport is an integral component of everyday life. Sporty harnesses are also perfect for dogs who are just starting to learn how to be active and engage in athletics. These harnesses are made of material that protects dogs from abrasion during periods of intense activity. They are also designed to maximize your dog’s comfort and ease of movement. Different models of sports harnesses are tailored for specific activities such as running or cycling. Each of these activities requires a slightly different fit of harness to ensure your dog’s comfort and convenience as he runs around beside you.


The most common types of dog harnesses are ones used for walking. These harnesses are great for everyday use and are perfect for walking with your dog, common outings to the park, or short hiking trips. Harnesses such as this are direct alternatives to collars. Properly selected, they are perfect for everyday life with your pet. It is not recommended to use ordinary harnesses during sport activities with your dog.


Among the many types of dog harnesses, we also find those that are designed for specific applications. One example is the car harness. Purpose of this harness type is to protect your dog from moving in the car while driving. The construction of these harnesses makes it possible for them to be attached to a seatbelt within your car. Another example of a specialized harness is the type designed for guide dogs or tracking dogs. These harnesses are definitely more extensive and are helpful for professional endeavours.


If you want your dog to enjoy long walks, make sure that his harnesses are well-chosen. When choosing the right harness, not only is the size of your dog important, but also his body structure and level of physical activity. Poorly chosen harnesses will make your dog feel uncomfortable while he moves, and used over a long period of time, may cause hair or skin damage. Things to pay attention to:


Harnesses used for everyday use still differ from one another. Despite the same purposes design, differences in construction can impact the comfort level of your pup. Among others, we can choose from models that consist of straps, such as ACTIVE dog harnesses. This style allows a harness to adjust it evenly across your dog’s body.

Another popular model of dog harness consists of two parts: a lower abdomen piece and a breastplate. This style of harness is very easy to put on. It is also distinguished by extraordinary comfort and the freedom of movement it provides your dog with. With this kind of harness, we have an additional decision to make. Comfortable dog harnesses can be put on the head of your dog, like the CANDY model, or worn “by the feet”, like the DENIM and YETI models.

Choosing the right cut depends largely on the character of your pooch. It is possible that your dog will feel uncomfortable while wearing a harness with an abdomen piece. On the other hand, if your dog is exceptionally resistant to putting on suspenders, a harness that consists entirely of straps may make this task even more difficult.


When selecting an appropriate harness for a dog, there are three areas of his body that we should focus on:

Neck circumference – this dimension is determined by measuring the neck of your dog at its widest point

Chest circumference – just like the neck, with this measurement we determine the size of your dog’s chest at its widest point.

The length of his back – the length of the upper line of your dog’s body is measured from the point where we set the circumference of his neck to the point where we set the proportion of his chest.

For some harnesses, you will need additional measurements to select the correct size for your pooch. Manufacturers usually create a detailed measurement scheme to allow for easier harness size selection.


Harnesses are constantly in contact with your pooch. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to the quality of material and workmanship that a harness possesses before you buy it. Comfortable dog harnesses should allow your dog’s skin to breathe freely. This will minimize the risk of a harness creating abrasions on your dog’s skin.

The colour and design of your dog’s harness is also important. If we can make our dog feel fashionable and stylish, shouldn’t we?


Your dog wears his harness every day. For this reason, it is vital that you choose a harness properly, ensuring that it will allow your dog to move happily and freely. You do not have to worry that the size of harness you choose will be unsuitable for your pooch. Many models have a large size and a feature that allows them to be adjusted in width and length. The most important thing about any harness is that your dog feels comfortable in it, no matter where you go or what you do together.


The dog is, without a doubt, the man’s best friend, however, from time to time it can give us headaches. When we go out with them, they get upset when they see another animal and can pull on the leash, which leads to a danger to both them and us. If you want to have more pleasant training and without inconveniences, then you must know the best dog harness for running that will make you feel free and confident.


Today, the market presents a wide variety of harness with which you can enjoy with your pet a sunny day in the park or a nice walk along the beach may be your hairy friend is as sturdy as a bulldog or as small as a Chihuahua, our dogs always find a way to pull the chain hard, causing them to momentarily suffocate and in us, severe pain in the shoulder or arm.

If this is your case, then maybe you should go thinking about putting aside the dog collar and acquire a nice best dog harness for running that will give you more comfort and independence. But what should we keep in mind when choosing the best dog harness for running that is perfect for our friend?


How To Choose a Dog Harness?


First of all, you need to decide what will be the main purpose to buy the harness, since you can use them with multiple intentions. Here we will show 3 excellent choices of dog harness for run:


  1. Dog Leash with Dual Bungees Retractable Hands-Free 150lbs

Adjustable leash: The retractable product enables you to conveniently alter the length of the leash by pushing the handle switch to much better drive your canine. For Medium Pet: The blocking technique withstands virtually all breeds of dogs under 50kg. Respect to the handle, the stuff is of great strength as well as good resilience; Because of the shape modified to the fingers, the matt surface area, along with lightweight, it is simple to understand. The Features Of This Dog Harness For Running:


  • Excellent quality
  • Long-lasting material
  • Perfect sizes
  • Comfortable texture



  1. Dog Body Harness Padded All Sizes

This No Pull leash offers an action loop on the back side between the arms, allowing the dog to move as well as run in a straight range without twisting or maybe excessive straining. A structural band on the front part of the chest gives an extra control level so that you can steer your pet as well as redirect his attention, which can be very handy while a squirrel crosses your path! Handy to fit and even simple to operate, everything connects with the integrated dual connection leash.
The Features are:

  • Patented style reduces twisting
    • Match any kind of dog body shape or even type.
    • Perfect sizes
    • Very soft texture


  1. Dog Leash for Medium and Large Dogs Hands-Free Reflective Stitches


Do you want to completely transform the Way You’re Running with Your Own Dog with SPUPPS FLASH SALE Hands? If perhaps you’re searching for a reliable hands-free dog leash for joggers which can absorb your dog’s pulls and also changes in a path without causing you lose the balance, the search is over. One of the best dog harness for running in the market. Created to withstand, even the most energetic of dogs, this hands-free pet dog running strap has certain exclusive functions which make it the best choice for dog owners across the world. These are the features:


  • Strong enough to absorb pulls
  • Stainless steel rings
  • Simple grip handle
  • Suitable sizes
  • Soft texture



Having control of the pet during walks is essential for the happiness and safety of all. Dog harnesses are a fantastic tool simply because of the comfort adjustment they give. There are hundreds available, many of which vary in style and function. With this wide variety to choose from, we have selected the Top 3 of best dog harness for running, so you can select the option that best suits your needs and those of your dog.

If you still want to review other alternatives, you can visit our store where you will find a great selection of collars and harnesses for pets by clicking here.