Whether you are a new dog parent or have been one for years, finding the perfect dog collar for a young pup is a very challenging task. A right dog collar is essential to ensure that your puppy’s neck and shoulders are comfortable wearing it. Choosing a dog collar can get very complicated because there are a variety of options in different materials and sizes available in the market. It gets very tricky to pick the one that suits best with your young canine friend. To guide you in choosing the perfect collar for your puppy, we have listed down a few tips to help you select the right one.


  1. Start with a Flat Collar

These are the most common type of dog collars available as they suit almost all dogs. You can start with the flat collar for a small puppy to get it used to wearing one. This collar helps the puppy to easily adjust to it as it has changeable lengths, and is fitted with a snap buckle.


But remember to never leave collar on your puppy if it is alone in the house, as it can result in strangulation.


  1. Breakaway Collar for an Active Puppy

This collar is specially designed for extra playful puppies or the ones that like roaming outside. The breakaway collar is made with a snap buckle or clip that can be easily undone once they encounter any hindrances like branches or fence, or in case of any choking hazard.


You can get a breakaway collar for your puppy after they have become used to wearing a flat collar.


  1. Specialty Collars

These collars are specifically designed for training the dog. The harnesses are designed for puppies that can’t be controlled by the regular type of collars. After the age of 6 months, you can use a specialty collar to train your puppy. If your puppy is very energetic you can use Leather Training Lead to prevent them from pulling the leash which can result in choking. This collar, with its soft leather and adjustable lengths, is ideal for training.


  1. Material of the Collar

There are many materials for collars in the market like leather, chain, and nylon. Always choose a material that you think will be comfortable for your puppy. All these materials have their pros and cons but puppies generally feel more relaxed in nylon or leather collars.


  1. Size of Puppy’s Neck

Use a measuring tape to measure the circumference of your puppy’s neck. Make sure your puppy is standing upright when you are measuring it as you don’t want the collar to be loose on the dog. The right way to check the fit is by placing two fingers between the collar and your puppy’s neck.


Collar width is also an essential factor while choosing the dog collar. The width determines the surface area and the pressure that the dog will feel while wearing it. A large width implies the pressure would be evenly distributed, but it can also get uncomfortable for the puppy sometimes.


  1. Fur Type

Make sure to keep your dog’s fur in mind when choosing a collar. A thick or light fur will require a different collar type. Moreover, the collar size and type is also dependent on factors like haircut. If you have given your puppy a haircut, choose a collar keeping in mind that the coat will grow eventually.


These are some of the tips for choosing the right collar for your puppy. If you want to explore more options for dog collars, head over to Little Fields Farm!